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about us

Asimco shuanghuan piston ring (yizheng) co.,ltd.is a national high-tech enterprise engaged in R&D,

production and sale of piston rings, with its predecessor being Yizheng Piston Ring Factory founded in

1976, being a joint venture funded by American Asimco Group in 1995. Based on the high and new

technologies, the company has introduced Germany and Japan material technologies, and owned the

production line

for the piston rings for automotive diesel engine and core technologies with proprietary intellectual

property rights in chromium-based ceramics composite electroplating, end-face flash plating, gas

nitridation, PVD, etc. Based on all-round innovation, our products, with high grade, high starting point

and high standard, have been widely applied to various heavy-duty, medium-duty and light-duty trucks,

engineering machinery, sedan, minicar, motorcycle, marine engine, universal gasoline engine, etc., with

annual production capacity of 180,000,000 pieces, more than 4800 varieties and specifications, domestic market shares up to 25%, and engine matching surface up to 90%.

The company has built a provincial technical center, Jiangsu

Provincial Post-doctoral Scientific Research Workstation, Jiangsu

Provincial Enterprise Graduate Student Workstation, Jiangsu

Provincial Enterprise Academician Workstation, and passed the

certifications of ISO/TS16949 Quality Management System,

ISO14001 Environment Management System, ISO10012:2003

Measuring Management System and OHSAS 18001; and introduced and implemented such management modes as 5S Management,

TPM Activity, Six Sigma Management, Dupont’s STOP

Management and Lean Production, etc. The company has been

honored with National Mechanical Industry Top 500 Enterprises,

Automobile Industry Top 100 in Comprehensive Economic Benefit

Index, Mechanical Industry “Modern Management Enterprise”,

Top 100 Auto Parts Vendors, Top 10 Parts Joint Venture Enterprises, National Environment Friendly Enterprise, Famous Trademark of

China, and China Top Brand.

With the policy of “Strong-Strong Alliance” and the strategy of “Going Global”, through international sales network and partners, the company has marketed its products in

the shortest time to more than 30 overseas countries and regions, such as the U.S.A., Japan, South Korea, France, Britain, Russia, etc., and has built strategic partnership with some internationally-famous main engine enterprises, such as Commins, South Korea Doosan, France PSA, Europe FORD, Nissan, Hino, etc., and developed non-ring business. In 2013,

the company purchased ASM Alloy Material (Yizheng) Co., Ltd., and established the joint venture Yizheng Rihuan Asimco Powder Metallurgy Manufacturing Co., Ltd. with Japan

NPR. Our products include the powder metallurgy products, high alloy valve retainer, powder metallurgy valve retainer, etc.Under the harmonious background of melting

globally-advanced business philosophy and Chinese native characteristics, with the global vision of international enterprise rooted in China, the company is committed to fuel

global power with high quality.