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(Piston Ring) the company added five national patents

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Recently, the State Intellectual Property Office issued a new batch of patent notice, Yizheng Shuanghuan declared "chrome-based diamond composite chrome-plated piston ring and its processing method" was awarded the national invention patent, "with non-stick coating of the piston ring "And" with a solid lubricant coating of the piston ring, "and other four piston ring products were granted utility model patents.

Chromium-based diamond composite chrome-plated piston rings can withstand large thermal and mechanical loads, even in the piston ring and the cylinder wall oil film at the boundary state, it will not happen "pull cylinder"; at the same time as embedded high hardness and lubrication Good performance of the diamond particles, wear resistance and tensile cylinder performance has been greatly improved, to meet the requirements of modern high-performance engines.

At present, the internal combustion engine piston rings are widely used hard chrome plating surface strengthening. Hard chrome coating thickness is generally 0.05-0.20mm, all the components of chromium and a small amount of adsorption of H, O, hardness of 750-1100HV0.1, the distribution of cracks in the layer itself due to the formation of porous pores, with good wear resistance. But in the poor lubrication conditions or heat load is very large occasions, hard chrome plated piston ring and cylinder wall friction deterioration, prone to melt wear, serious out of the "pull cylinder" or chrome layer peeling, and not enough to meet the internal combustion engine high power , Long life, low emission requirements. In addition, the use of composite plating to improve the defects of chromium layer, it was a long-term experiment, that is, the use of conventional composite plating process, the diamond particles after activation treatment by adding hard chromium plating solution, and some special catalyst, electroplating, chromium Crystalline deposition will be attached to the diamond layer on the diamond particles co-deposition, forming a composite layer. However, because of the large amount of hydrogen in the chrome plating, the content of diamond particles in the composite layer is extremely low, generally not more than 1%, and because the diamond particles are interposed between the chrome grains, the coating is liable to produce large brittleness, .

In order to solve the above technical problems, the senior leaders of the company led the technicians to devote themselves to the study, which lasted for three years independently developed a "chrome-based diamond composite chrome-plated piston ring and its processing method", to overcome the above-mentioned shortcomings of the existing technology , Diamond particles content of up to 0.5-5.0% and the distribution of diamond particles in the chrome layer of the original reticulate and pores of the chrome-based diamond composite coating, the technology has been successfully applied in production, built an automatic production line, product mass production, Become the company's new economic growth point.

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