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JobTitle:R&DDirector(gasolineenginepistonringdirection) WorkLocation:JiangsuYizheng Reportto:TechnicalVicePresident Recruitmentnumber:1people Salary:Negotiable JobDescription: 1.Accordingtothedevelopm
Job Title: R & D Director (gasoline engine piston ring direction)
Work Location: Jiangsu Yizheng
Report to: Technical Vice President
Recruitment number: 1 people
Salary: Negotiable
Job Description:
1. According to the development strategy of the company and the development trend of the gasoline engine, formulate the development strategy, product plan and technical route of the gasoline engine piston ring;
2. To organize and promote the innovation, development and application of the piston ring platform technology of the gasoline engine;
3. Responsible for the establishment, implementation and improvement of gasoline engine piston ring design specification;
4. Responsible for the establishment, implementation and improvement of the piston ring development process of the gasoline engine
5. Organization of the company gasoline engine piston ring R & D database establishment, application and update;
6. Organize, coordinate and promote the CAE in the gasoline engine piston ring R & D process;
7. According to the company's product planning, technical route, plan, organize and carry out the company's gasoline engine bench test;
8. Responsible for the development and implementation of the company's gasoline engine piston ring development capabilities, platform technology and evaluation methods of publicity programs and referral plan;
9. Responsible for the training, evaluation and motivation of gasoline engine R & D team;
10. Organization of the company's internal staff at all levels of gasoline engine product knowledge, professional and technical training
1.Bachelor degree or above in internal combustion engine and related discipline + 5 years or above experience in piston ring design or more than 8 years of experience in piston ring design in mechanical engineering or related field;
2. International company background, with proficiency in English communication skills;
At least 3 years experience in team management;
4. Be responsible for domestic and foreign key gasoline engine piston ring development project success stories;
5. Professional skills:
- Understand the basic structure, working principle and development trend of gasoline engine, especially piston assembly;
- Familiar with gasoline engine piston ring design planning and development process;
- Familiar with gasoline engine piston ring material, surface treatment, machining and its development trend;
- Familiar with GB1149 standard of piston rings and relevant international standards and piston ring working principle
Understanding CAE and Its Application in Design of Piston Ring of Gasoline Engine
- Proficiency in AutoCAD and Pro-E capabilities
5. Familiar with TS16949 quality system, master APQP / PPAP / PFMEA / MSA / SPC five tools
6. Understanding of DOE, QFD and other design tools
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