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(Piston ring) in July 2016 vehicle engine industry production and marketing summary

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 July auto supply and demand market continued to decline, sales fell slightly on a chain, sales over the same period last year to maintain a decline in more than one year, a substantial increase in production and sales year on year, an increase of more than two percent. Thus safeguarding the overall situation of the car from January to July the stability of development, production and sales cumulative year on year increase continues to expand. Specifically, in July, the national automobile production 195.96 million, a decrease of 4.38%, an increase of 28.90%; sales of 1.8519 million, a decline of 10.59%, an increase of 23.03%. January to July, the national auto production and sales of more than 14.5 million, production reached 14.8853 million, an increase of 8.99%, an increase of 2.52 percentage points, sales of 14.6839 million, an increase of 9.84%, an increase of 1.70 percentage points. 1-7 month new car consumer market continues to develop steadily. Driven by the steady development of the vehicle market, from January to July the trend of vehicle engine supply and demand greater progress in July, the engine market low sales, monthly production and sales of less than 18 million, but significantly better than the same period last year to pull the engine Supply and demand trends. Specifically, in July, China's auto engine production and sales were 1,773,000 units and 1,772,700 units, 1-7 months, total sales of 13,373,900 units and 13,399,800 units, more than