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(Piston Ring) Yizheng Shuanghuan amoeba team operating operating classes to speak

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July 23 is in China twenty-four solar terms in the great heat the next day, for a year of extreme heat. However, the sun can not stop Yizheng Shuanghuan 53 production line team leader to learn the enthusiasm of amoeba business. July 23 -24, Yizheng Shuanghuan amoeba management team leader training as scheduled in the ancient capital of Nanjing Tangshan lecture, ASIMCO Manufacturing Support Department Director Liu Jun Liu Zongchang, Wang Kang, Sun Bin and Shuanghuan Li Shuishun Deputy General Manager Students warm welcome, with the students to open the door to the wisdom of operating amoeba.

In the ring nearly seven months of amoeba business process, all the amoeba "small boss" has inevitably face such as the company's operating conditions can not see, performance lingering, team collaboration is not close, 6S ​​passive repeated , The contribution is difficult to assess, the reward is difficult to divide, the talented person difficult training and so on the question. These endless problems often torture people bruised, if not handled properly, ranging from employees complained, thankless, while in the sink, hard to create the "amoeba business" will be the problem The tide drowned.

This training is to be the same team leaders to discuss to determine the bicyclic amoeba business values, on the one hand clear our value goals, the pursuit of value; the other hand, clear our value standards and guidelines. Once the formation of amoeba team leader of amoeba business values, it will subconsciously guide their specific actions.

In the course, Sun Bin through the "supermarket business game" for the students one by one explain what is amoeba business, amoeba organization and quantification of decentralization, internal pricing landing, the nature of business and so on. The knowledge of the course will be transformed into the amoeba team own management tool, in the actual team management in detours.

Liu Zongchang to "red and blue game" as the starting point, supplemented by successful cases, from time to time to ask questions to the trainees to guide students to think independently, group discussion of amoeba common values ​​and published in groups, the cumulative collection of 35 elements of values.

Li Kaishun, deputy general manager to explain to the trainees of the double ring to promote the original intention of amoeba business, to explain the company, departments, personal goals and the goal of the whole staff of the importance of his goal of operating from the amoeba - , The participants of the elements of the values ​​summed up as follows: Honesty is the basic conditions of amoeba organizations to meet the customer and the lowest cost is the core, broad teamwork can have a huge effect. On this basis, all the students unanimously agreed that the common values ​​of amoeba management are: honesty, customer orientation, cost improvement, teamwork.

The Amoeba team training will be bicyclic amoeba business model was combed, so that the head of the problem amoeba team aware of the problem, thus transforming business thinking, and under the guidance of the teacher, the unified value of amoeba for Follow-up team leader's training indicates the direction. Two years to the students of the hot word is "We are a family", we believe that their enthusiasm to learn the knowledge and common values ​​can be rewarded, the company's future operations into the fresh amoeba Blood, to achieve better development.

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