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(Piston ring) 2016 May automobile engine industry production and marketing summary

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    May auto supply and demand market continues to decline, production and sales chain lower than the same period last year to maintain a small increase. January to May the overall situation of automobile cooling, production and sales increased year on year growth rate of small, small increase in production and sales. Specifically, in May, the national car production 2.0649 million, a decline of 5.08%, an increase of 5.01%; sales of 2,091,700, down 1.66%, an increase of 9.75%. 1-5 months, the national production and sales of more than 10 million vehicles, production reached 10.8435 million, an increase of 5.75%, an increase of 0.05 percentage points, sales of 10.7525 million, an increase of 6.96%, an increase of 0.85 percentage points. In other words, the new car consumer market and domestic economic trends in line with the overall stability, stability and progress. The overall vehicle market situation led to the supply and demand trend of vehicle engine, the engine market sales in May continued to fall, as low as 1.85 million less than the trend from January to May continued to narrow the previous year, the cumulative year-on-year decline further decline. Specifically, in May, China's auto engine production and sales were 1.8377 million units and 184.35 million units, 1-5 months, the cumulative production and sales 9,754,600 units and 9,770,800 units, more than a year earlier, the cumulative growth of 5.19%, sales growth of 5.48 / RTI & gt;

Domestic diesel engine market in May to further lower, but 1-5 month cumulative sales year on year decline is still narrowed, mainly due to the formation of the low base last year. In May, China's diesel engine production and sales were 224,700 units and 230,200 units, 1-5 months, the cumulative completion of 1,222,500 units and 1,196,200 units, over the same period last year, the cumulative decline in production 1.68%, narrowed 0.62 percentage points, sales fell 2.99%, narrowed down 0.22 percentage points.

May gasoline engine market is still driven by the vehicle market, production and sales continued to decline, making the January-May cumulative year-on-year increase in production and sales fell further. Specifically, in May, China's gasoline engine production and sales were completed 1,611,900 units and 1,612,300 units, 1-5 months, the cumulative production and sales of 8.5276 million units and 8.5687 million units, over the previous year the cumulative increase of 6.34% and 6.86% Production and sales fell 0.87 percentage points year-on-year and 0.83 percentage points.

In May, the production and sales of other fuel engines finished 1111 and 1082 respectively. From January to May, the accumulative production and sales of other fuel engines totaled 4507 sets and 5932 sets respectively, down 59.56% and 46.68% respectively from the same period of last year. May, other fuel engine market is slightly better than last month, but the overall situation remains in the doldrums.

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