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(Piston Ring) Refining Employee Elite Selection Coach-level employees

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Recently, in order to comprehensively enhance the overall quality of employees, Yizheng Shuanghuan to carry out the selection and training of coaching staff to enhance the quality of staff activities, decided to select the elite employees from the elite staff to form a "coaching staff" team, focus on front-line staff training as a post multi- , Post-exchange of multi-skilled personnel, so as to maximize the efficiency of the use of human resources.

Coach-level employees, is selected from the company's mainstream processes have a good professional ethics and skilled business skills, quality self-test-controlled standards, a strong analysis of problems, problem-solving ability and can guide and train other employees Outstanding operator.

The coaching staff selected high-level employees attach great importance to set up a special assistant to the general manager of Song Jiange as the head of the company's coaching staff evaluation team, will be hired in the range of internal and external fixed, car cone, ladder grinding 18 Mainstream processes to conduct selection. The staff of my declaration, the workshop after the initial assessment of a total of 18 employees to participate in theoretical examination, of which 14 were shortlisted to enter the interview defense, 13 people successfully passed the interview into the final practice skills test, the final assessment of all qualified. After the staff of democratic evaluation and publicity, the 13 outstanding employees were officially named the company for 2016 annual coach-level staff.

In the selection of new coaching staff at the same time, the company also on the original old coach-level staff assessment assessment. Through the production, the quality of the workshop ranking, the ability to find and solve problems, the results with a full range of assessment results, according to the results of some of the staff of the coaching staff level re-adjusted to promote their skills, Continue to learn, keep making progress in the work of passion.

At present, the company has 83 outstanding employees were hired as a coach-level staff, they enjoy the corresponding position allowance at the same time also bear the other staff job training, technical guidance obligations, but also for the production site to solve various technical problems , Is the deserved process experts.

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