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ASIMCO Shuanghuan held the second session of the Fourth Workers' Congress

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On February 25th, ASIMCO Shuanghuan held the Second Session of the Second Workers' Congress, with more than 100 delegates attending the meeting.

At the meeting, General Manager Wu Yingxue made a presentation entitled "Ningxinjuli stability of the overall situation and strive to promote the development of the full realization of the" 13th Five-Year "a good start laying the foundation" of the administrative work report. The report comprehensively and objectively summarizes the work in 2015, analyzes the situation, difficulties and problems faced by enterprises in their production and operation, and clarifies the objectives of the work in 2016 and the various tasks. The General Assembly considered and adopted the report on the administrative work made by Comrade Wu Yingxue, the General Manager, considered and adopted the Report on the Implementation of the Three Contracts of 2015, which was approved by Comrade Song Jiange, Assistant General Manager of the General Assembly. The "2016 Annual Wage Agreement" On the revision of the 2011 version of <staff manual> comments "and other documents.

The General Assembly put forward the overall development of enterprises in 2016 the requirements: stability and improvement of internal strength, into the change in security, change in the development. To improve the quality of development as the main line to market development as a leader to deepen scientific and technological innovation as the driving force to fine control as the starting point, strict management, pay close attention to implementation, prevention and control security risks, and constantly optimize the product structure, continue to promote diversified products Development strategy, enhance enterprise market competitiveness, in order to achieve "thirteen" a good start to lay a solid foundation.

The General Assembly called on all cadres and workers in the new year, closely around the center of economic construction, adapt to the new situation, seize new opportunities and seek new breakthroughs, the company's cadres and workers closely unite for the full completion of the 2016 Task and work hard!

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