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(Piston Ring) Yizheng Shuanghuan female advanced female cadres Qintong Qing 38

Number of visits: Date:2016-4-6 11:19
    In order to encourage advanced, establish a typical, and further encourage women cadres and workers to take root post struggling, Shuanghuan company organized 39 female advanced female cadres to the famous water rice town - Jiangyan Qintong, opened the "March Day Women's Day Tour "Theme activities.
Curls, grass long Yingfei, accompanied by the fragrance of early spring soil, March 8 morning a pedestrian came to the beautiful Qintong town. 39 different graceful flowers graceful in the town of the long lanes, all the way to laugh, all the way floating fragrance, their figure for the brick and gray tiles of ancient alleys on the spring gorgeous colors.
The ancient town, we visited the academician of the old home, enjoy the Millennium ancient camellia, stepped on the Marble Street, a taste of rice wine culture, to understand the "old Huai for the media," the marriage customs ... ... Guxiang a grass brick All embodies the ancient town of thousands of years the wisdom of the essence, all permeated with the town's water culture!
Happy and full day activities, not only to female compatriots to relax the mood, but also deepened the friendship between colleagues. Everyone left the laughter in the Qintong town, the spring vigor back to the Yizheng Shuanghuan.

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