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Steel pipe production line

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Steel pipe production line
   Since 1995, CYPR has introduced steel ring and steel ring production line from Japan NPR Company. The raw materials are made of high quality stainless steel and high quality spring steel wires from Japan and Sweden, which makes the company's micromolta piston ring production and Technology has leapt to a new level. The company also carries out technical cooperation with NPR, and comprehensively introduces the production technology of "S & R" type steel band combination oil ring, and adopts Japan NPR mold in a complete set to produce "S" type oil ring with excellent oil control performance and dynamic stability. At the same time, NPR to our products at any time to monitor, CYPR products twice a year to the Japanese NPR company for quality testing, strict control under the NPR's license, CYPR production, which not only the company's steel combination ring production technology in the The domestic leading to maintain, but also in the international arena reached the advanced level.