In 2015

  1. Developed and implemented Manufacturing Execution System (MES).

  2. Promoted automation innovation projects, successful developed 5 types of automation prototypes, and put it into use.

  3. Successfully developed new PVD low friction coating, equipment and technology, and launched the products into the market.

  4. Played a leading role in drafting industrial standard of JB large-bore piston ring.

  5. “Piston Ring PVD Vacuum Coating Equipment Research” was awarded Jiangsu Double-establishment Talent Plan Award, and obtained the governmental fund.

  6. Implemented QSB and achieved good effect.

  7. Made progress in expanding large-bore piston ring clients, and accredited by 3 international clients.

  8. Asimco Shuanghuan online store was launched.

  9. Implemented the market-oriented operation of inner management, and achieved good effect.

10. Built internal learning and training platform, and launched ability improvement project of core personnel.



In 2014

  1. 6 new products developed by Asimco Shuanghuan (JMC Puma2.4L, Yang Chai VMRA425, SAIC FIAT Powertrain Hongyan CURSOR9, Cummins ISG, Weichai WP9 EU V, Geely β-4G13T piston ring) were rated as “Jiangsu High-tech Product”.

  2. Internationalization projects made a great progress: ①Cummins ISG project was put into mass production; ②SAIC FIAT Powertrain Hongyan C9 has passed PPAP approval. ③ Obtained SAIC FIAT Powertrain Hongyan C11 and F1C product development rights.

  3. Built one 12-station CDC automation line, and put into production.

  4. The chromium-based composite plating piston ring automatic production line was built and put into production.

  5. Built Yuchai lean production line, which promoted the production efficiency up to 8% and reduced the production cost up to 2.7 million yuan.

  6. Built the supporting cooperation relationship with Dongfeng Commins, Foton Commins, Guangxi Commins, Chongqing Commins and Xi'an Commins, and awarded the qualified supplier by Chongqing Commins.

  7. Asimco Shuanghuan has been awarded “Excellent Driveline Supplier” in 11 consecutive years.

  8. Developed new technology and new process: ① Successful development of PVD cast iron oil ring; ② Technical development and application of HPO oil ring;

  9. Asimco Shuanghuan participated in revising 2 national standards of Internal Combustion Engines Piston Rings: GB/T1149.10-2013 Internal Combustion Engines - Piston Rings - Part 10: Keystone Rings Made of Steel, and GB/T1149.12-2013 Internal Combustion Engines - Piston Rings - Part 12: Half Keystone Rings Made of Steel.

10. 8 standards for Asimco operation system was operated in Shuanghuan.



In 2013

  1. Yizheng Asimco Shuanghuan Piston Ring Co., Ltd. completed the acquisition of ASM Alloy Material (Yizheng) Co., Ltd. (“Asimco ASM” for short). Main product was high-strength powder metallurgy product.

  2. Asimco Shuanghuan built the joint venture Yizheng Rihuan Asimco Powder Metallurgy Manufacturing Co., Ltd. with Japan NPR. Main products were powder metallurgy valve retainer and cast-iron valve retainer.

  3. The company was renamed “Yizheng Asimco Shuanghuan Piston Ring Co., Ltd.”.

  4. Asimco Shuanghuan undertook Jiangsu Province Industrial Supporting Plan Project - diamond-like gradient coating piston ring, and obtained the governmental fund.

  5. Five new products developed by Asimco Shuanghuan were rated as “Jiangsu High-tech Product”, and the company passed the review of Jiangsu Provincial High-tech Enterprise.

  6. Asimco Shuanghuan has been awarded National Top 100 Excellent Auto Parts Suppliers in 10 consecutive years.

  7. Alloy PVD coating specially developed for heavy-duty diesel engine passed the durability test of China National Heavy Duty Truck Group Co., Ltd., and was supplied in batch.

  8. Added 4-station CDC coating production line and put it into production.

  9. The first product developed for American Commins by Asimco Shuanghuan passed the PPAP approval, and was supplied in batch.

10. Weichai Supplier Site Management Improvement Meeting was held in Asimco Shuanghuan, with the heads from more than 60 enterprises attending this meeting.


In 2012

  1. The company obtained 5 national patents again. “Chromium-based diamond composite plating chromium coating piston ring and processing method” was awarded national patent for invention. 4 piston ring products, such as “piston ring with non-stick coating” and “piston ring with solid lubrication coating”, were awarded national patents for utility model.

  2. The company invested more than 20 million yuan into internationally-advanced 22-station piston ring composite plating flexible production line, and replaced traditional 2-axle travelling system into 7-axle robot travelling system, which greatly shortened the travelling time and promoted the production efficiency up to 30%.

  3. Made a substantial progress in cooperating with Commins, passed the certification of supplier qualification of Foton Commins and Guangxi Commins, realized the target of product matching for domestic 5 key Comminses, and signed the cooperation intention with American Commins; and came to product test phase.

  4. The company expanded non-ring business. The sales revenue of 4 matching products realized the average growth rate up to 30% in 3 consecutive years. In 2012, the company realized the sales revenue of more than 10,000,000 yuan, and upgraded into assembly parts production mode from simple optimized assembly.

  5. The company improved logistics scheme, build new overhead depot and put it into use, which provided high-quality service platform for corporate sustainable development.

  6. According to The Guiding Opinions on Promoting Enterprise Management Innovation and The Notice on Declaring Jiangsu Provincial Management Innovation Excellent Enterprise of Jiangsu Provincial Commission of Economy and Information Technology, through declaration, primary review by Yangzhou and Yizheng Municipal Commission of Economy and Information Technology, final review by Jiangsu Provincial Commission of Economy and Information Technology, announcement, etc., the company was rated as 2011 Jiangsu Provincial Management Innovation Excellent Enterprise.

  7. Under the approval of Jiangsu Provincial Department of Science and Technology, the company established “Jiangsu Provincial Enterprise Academician Workstation”. Thanks to the establishment of R&D barriers, such as the provincial-level engineering technology research centers, the enterprise technology center, etc., Asimco Shuanghuan was established in priority.

  8. Jiangsu Provincial Administration for Industry and Commerce gave commendation to 23 enterprises which have achieved good effect in the international registration of trademark, and were named “Jiangsu Provincial Trademark International Registration Excellent Enterprise”. Yizheng Shuanghuan was one of the 23 enterprises.

  9. In 2012, the company was awarded “Jiangsu Provincial Health Promotion Model Enterprise” and “Jiangsu Provincial Safety Culture Construction Model Enterprise”.

  10. The company held 4 matching products customers meeting on 26 October. More than 50 mainstream dealers of 4 matching products across China gathered in Shuanghuan to discuss the further development of Shuanghuan’s 4 matching products in 2013.

In 2011

1. "Shuanghuan" brand has won praise from both inside and outside of the industry: Jiangsu Provincial Department of Commerce assessed as the focus of Jiangsu Province, nurturing and development of international famous brands, and by the China Internal Combustion Engine Industry Association and other joint assessment of the user's most satisfied with the internal combustion engine accessories top ten brands .

2. Yizheng Shuanghuan quality management work to a new level: following access to Yangzhou, Yizheng two-level government mayor quality award, the quality of Jiangsu Province has been the title of the quality of work in Jiangsu Province is also the highest honor.

3. Yizheng Shuanghuan Rebirth Innovation Award, the product development, process design, management and other aspects of innovation to reward; built at home and abroad piston ring technology, equipment and other patent data query platform, improve the patent award mechanism, only 2011 "Diamond-like gradient coating Piston Ring" and other four new products, new technologies / equipment access to national patents.

4. Yizheng Shuanghuan was established as "enterprise academician workstation". In the high-end piston ring technology, new product development, and the Chinese Academy of Engineering, Lanzhou Institute of Chemical Physics and the State Key Laboratory of Solid Lubricating Academic Committee Xue Qunji and its research team. , Enhance the company's R & D strength.

5. Two years, Yizheng double ring special piston ring (large engineering machinery ring, ship ring) from scratch, from excellent to have achieved stage results: and Shantui, China Shipbuilding and other OEMs to achieve bulk supply Cargo, and access to the Hill pushed qualified suppliers, Lean Improvement Award. The new market is to bring new development opportunities for the double ring.

6. On the basis of introducing foreign production line, Yizheng Shuanghuan has independently built up the 2nd automatic flash production line (SFC) and CKC-8 production line, which has ensured the production capacity of high-end diesel engine.

7. As the leading piston ring rough production base, foundry company was recognized, selected "China's casting industry 1000 key enterprises" ranks.

8. Yizheng Shuanghuan for strategic customers to provide more appropriate services: has built a Weichai, Xichai, the United States Carrier production line.

9. Yizheng Shuanghuan "Jiangsu Province Composite Coating Engineering Technology Research Center" was named Jiangsu Province outstanding engineering and technology research center.

10. Yizheng Shuanghuan information work was named the first batch of Jiangsu Province in 2011, "two fusion" demonstration enterprises. Will promote the company to promote the integration of information technology and industrialization, promote structural adjustment and upgrading, accelerate the transformation of economic growth.

In 2010

1.2010 annual sales revenue increased by nearly 40%. Cars Chaihuan, gasoline ring, and other high-end products to further increase share.

2. To meet Euro IV engine performance requirements, the company has successfully developed PVD (physical vapor deposition of chromium nitride) process, CDC (chromium-based diamond coating) process and small hole oil ring processing technology, products received OEMs praise; Based on the company's own development of the PVD piston ring production line, CDC diamond plating production lines, automatic new small hole oil ring equipment delivery and put into production.

3. In the auto parts industry competitiveness, the most competitive in 2010 was the top 100 auto parts, engine parts and components top ten enterprises, China's internal combustion engine parts industry vanguard enterprises, China's top 500 machinery, the National 100 outstanding cars Spare parts suppliers and other honorary titles.

4. Following the ISO / TS16949 quality management system certification audit, OHSAS18001 health and safety management system for version of the audit, the company has introduced and adopted the ISO10012: 2003 measurement management system certification. Company management system is maturing.

5. The company was awarded the title of the first Yangzhou Mayor Quality Award, which is the highest award in the field of business management set up by the municipal government. A total of two companies to be honored.

6. Following the establishment of post-doctoral research station in Jiangsu Province, this year the company has set up a graduate enterprise workstation in Jiangsu Province, to train all levels of talent laid the foundation.

7. Market development, after years of effort, the company gradually entered the Cummins procurement system, for the Chongqing Cummins bulk supply, and Dongfeng Cummins, Xi'an Cummins cooperation into the substantive product development stage.

8. The company held the first direct election party activities, elected the first party committee, Wu Ying snow comrades were elected as the company's first party secretary.

9. Special ring The first phase of the production line built and put into production, the first ship ring, large-scale high-end construction machinery ring batch production, will become the company's new economic growth point.

10. JMC VM, Hino Hino122 and other piston ring products have been rated as high-tech products in Jiangsu Province.

In 2009

"Shuanghuan card" brand by the State Administration for Industry and Commerce identified as China's well-known trademarks

The company was awarded "China's auto parts piston ring industry leading enterprises" by the China Association of Automobile Manufacturers.

New technology development and application of new progress:

Jiangsu province-level composite coating engineering technology research center;

Built PVD, chrome-based diamond composite electroplating (CDC) production line;

Developed a composite surface DLC technology.

Multi-layer multi-layer nano-film steel piston ring, facet piston ring was rated as China's machinery industry scientific and technological progress third prize

The company involved in the piston ring 8 national standards promulgated and implemented

Hot mill workshop put into operation, production capacity will reach 220 million

The company was selected for the 5th time in China Machinery 500, the 6th selected national excellent auto parts suppliers

The company was awarded the "Hope Project 15th Anniversary Contribution Award" by the Communist Youth League of Jiangsu Province

Through the implementation of the "year of this year", "Year of Improvement" and other annual management of the main line of the system, full awareness, reduce the atmosphere gradually formed, and achieved remarkable results; company-depth work tutor, coach-level staff selection system, training reserve talents

In 2008

The company won the China Internal Combustion Engine Industry "Hundred Years Achievement Award", at the same time was named "China's internal combustion engine industry to make outstanding contributions to the enterprise"

"Shuanghuan" brand was recognized as a well-known trademark in China, "CYPR" trademark was identified as Jiangsu famous brand

The company independent and involved in the development of the three industry standards promulgated and implemented

Company and the Chinese Academy of Sciences jointly established high-performance piston ring joint R & D center

The company for 5 consecutive years by the National PARKnSHOP auto parts suppliers, 4 selected China's machinery 500

Surface treatment technology project made significant progress: the completion of a number of composite electroplating production lines, annual production capacity of more than 10 million pieces; built-end flash plating automatic production lines, annual production capacity of more than 100 million. Jiangsu province composite coating engineering technology research center construction project through expert demonstration

Jiangsu Province, the company set up post-doctoral research station

Jiangsu Province, the company was the 30th anniversary of quality management outstanding enterprise title

The company won the title of advanced unit in Jiangsu Province in 2007 according to law

The company was Auto International auto parts outstanding supplier title

In 2007

Chromium-based ceramic composite plating piston ring by the China Machinery Industry Science and Technology Award; chromium-based ceramic composite plating technology and its piston ring by the China International Patent and Brand Exposition special gold medal.

End flash plating technology successfully batch production.

Composite electroplating Line 2, Line 3 at the same time completed and put into mass production.

Significant progress in export, an increase of 84%.

"Shuanghuan" brand piston ring was selected as the Chinese famous brand product.

OHSAS18001 companies through occupational health and safety management system certification.

The company once again won the "National 100 auto parts suppliers" title.

Wu Yingxue, general manager of Jiangsu Province was elected outstanding entrepreneurs of the machinery industry.

Companies to engage in "coach-level staff" activities, the first hire 13 coaching staff.

Shuanghuan licensing registered trademarks once again selected Jiangsu famous brand.

In 2006

March 18, the company held the "Yizheng Piston Ring Factory 30th anniversary of the establishment of dual-ring piston ring Co., Ltd. and Yizheng 10 anniversary of the establishment of" celebration

Company Piston R & D center built and put into use

Modern Casting Company put into operation

"Cr-based ceramic composite coating processing methods and piston ring" to obtain national invention patents, chromium-based ceramic composite coating piston ring process into the "China Enterprise Record"

The company won the "national environment-friendly enterprises"

The company was identified as "national Torch Program key high-tech enterprises"

In March, the company was "modern management of machinery industry enterprises," the title

The company won the "National PARKnSHOP auto parts supplier", won the "top ten parts joint venture" title

The company was awarded the "genuine genuine enterprises in Jiangsu Province," the title

The company has been successful in cracking down on the first copyright infringement

In 2005

The successful completion of the new manager of the transfer of work,

Wu Yingxue is the general manager of Shuanghuan.

The third time selected "China Machinery 500" enterprises, once again included in the ranks of large state enterprises;

Vice Chairman Cheng Dexing was awarded the Excellent Entrepreneur of China Machinery Industry;

General Manager Wu Yingxue was rated as China's machinery industry is a senior professional managers;

Through the machinery industry "modern enterprise management" on-site assessment;

Jiangsu Province, environment - friendly enterprises, the state environmental friendly enterprises through the State Environmental Protection Administration acceptance;

Chromium-based ceramic composite coating piston ring won the "national key new products" title;

4G64N piston ring by the China Machinery Industry Science and Technology Award;

The commitment of the company in 2003 national "AKZ1A2H6110 diesel engine piston ring" Torch Program projects through national and provincial acceptance;

Multi-layer multi-layer nano-membrane piston ring of utility model patents;

Technology Center through the provincial evaluation, results for two consecutive years ranked first in Yangzhou City;

Japan, NPR, Hino, Komatsu and other seven well-known international host support, successfully passed the United States Cummins, Caterpillar, PSA (logo Citroen) and other OEMs audit.

In 2004

National large enterprises, to enter the Chinese machinery 5OO strong;

Cheng Dexing was recognized as the outstanding machinery industry, entrepreneurs, Wu Yingxue by the National Machinery Industry excellent corporate managers;

China 's machinery industry enterprises core competitiveness of outstanding enterprises;

The company was awarded Jiangsu May 1 Labor Certificate;

Jiangsu Province, the AAA-level units with the trustworthy enterprise;

Shuanghuan brand once again was identified as the famous brand, double ring piston ring was again identified as brand-name products in Jiangsu Province;

Through the ISO / TS16949 quality system certification;

ASIMCO Camshaft (Yizheng) Co., Ltd. held the opening ceremony;

National 100 best parts suppliers;

The national machinery industry, civilized units, machinery industry management model of progress in enterprises;

Jiangsu University - Shuanghuan Piston R & D Center was established, the company and Jiangsu University, Jiangsu Province, jointly set up joint research and development of automotive power production and research graduate demonstration base;

Company Technology Center was rated as outstanding technical centers in Jiangsu Province;

Yuchai G4700, the Chai 6114Z and 4G64N 4 new products were rated as provincial high-tech products, large Chai DC6110ZLA3 was named the provincial Torch Program;

Infiltration of ceramic piston ring to create a new record of Chinese enterprises, infiltration Taohe project included in the national key new products.

In 2003

China 's machinery industry' s core competitiveness of the top 100;

National 100 best auto parts suppliers;

Comprehensive economic efficiency index included in the top 100 auto industry;

Jiangsu Province, outstanding enterprises in the machinery industry and the provincial environmental protection advanced enterprises;

Jiangsu Province Quality Management Award and the Chinese machinery quality and efficiency of enterprises;

Through the ISO14001 environment system certification;

Technology Center was identified as the provincial enterprise technology center;

Institute of Piston Ring Technology, Southeast University, Yizheng Shuanghuan was established.

ASIMCO Casting Co., Ltd. officially started;

Double Ring Piston Ring again won the title of famous brand products in Jiangsu Province;

Yutai YC6108ZQ diesel engine piston ring won the China Science and Technology Award;

JX4g3 supercharged diesel engine piston ring, AKZ1A2H6110 diesel engine piston ring column province "Spark Program" and "Torch" project.

In 2002

China's first cylinder piston ring friction and wear testing machine in the company come out;

Jiangsu Province, technology-intensive and knowledge-intensive enterprises;

China 's industry competitiveness Star Enterprise and candidates for China' s most competitive large enterprise groups;

National foreign-invested enterprises "double love double assessment" advanced unit.

In 2001

Comrade Cheng Dexing selected the top ten agricultural news industry figures;

Through QS9000 and VDA6.1 quality system certification;

Yizheng six party metal infiltration Baptist Ceramics Co., Ltd. put into operation, infiltration of ceramic piston ring project included in the provincial focus;

Jiangling JX493ZQ diesel engine piston ring of high-tech products in Jiangsu Province;

The United States four classes of companies (MIS) Asia's outstanding users;

The first national consumer protection of consumer rights and interests of enterprises; Shuanghuan trademark re-identified as Jiangsu famous brand.

In 2000

Jiangsu Province, environmental protection work advanced units;

Jiangsu market top-notch service enterprises;

Jiangling JX493ZQ, Xichai AKzlAZH6110, Czech Republic Chunlan CGl25 piston ring through the provincial identification.

In 1999

MIS system production module in the company's official operation;

"Shuanghuan card" piston ring was identified as brand-name products in Jiangsu Province;

Economic efficiency index into the machinery industry before the 500;

"Shuanghuan" piston ring was named the first focus of Anhui Province auto parts market protection products;

Backlash seal piston ring by the national patent.

In 1998

"Shuanghuan card" trademark was identified as Jiangsu famous brand;

And Japan's Piston Ring Co., Ltd. (NPR) for technical cooperation;

FAW Group was awarded the certificate of production enterprises, and was licensed to use FAW trademark.

In 1997

ISO9002 quality system certification through a third party;

Foreign - invested advanced technology enterprises;

Iveco automotive piston ring through the provincial identification;

Nantong N6135 piston ring identified by the Provincial Science and Technology Commission;

Powder metallurgy valve seat "project included in the national" 863 "plan.

In 1996

The company sales income of more than 200 million yuan;

In the high-grade piston ring manufacturing technology is classified as the Ministry of Machinery "machinery, the automobile industry to introduce technology digestion and innovation projects";

Shuanghuan Piston Ring is one of the famous brand of China Machinery Industry.

Included in the state to give priority to support the key auto parts enterprises.

In 1995

Double ring piston ring was identified as "Jiangsu famous brand products";

Double ring piston ring was assessed as the national customer satisfaction products;

Monomer sand cast iron high-chrome valve seat was designated as state-level new products;

Jiangsu Province, high-tech enterprises in Jiangsu Province advanced technological progress enterprises;

The joint venture "Yizheng Shuanghuan Piston Ring Co., Ltd." was established.

In 1994

Into the ranks of large state enterprises;

Double ring piston ring in the "recommended activities of the first auto parts" was identified as the first "recommended commodity";

High-speed engine ductile iron piston ring project was listed as national Spark project.

In 1993

China 's 500 largest machinery industrial enterprises;

China Automotive Industry Association member units;

China 's machinery industry one hundred strong;

Comrade Cheng Dexing received special allowance from the State Council;

High-speed engine ductile iron piston ring of China's 93 high-tech new products Expo Gold Award for new technology products.

In 1992

The national medium-sized first-grade enterprises; machinery industry before the top 100; Jiangsu Provincial Party Committee, the provincial government granted 1991-1992 civilized units.

In 1991

Iveco piston ring through the national acceptance of the identification, was named A-grade goods.

In 1990

High-speed engine ductile iron piston rings, flexible energy-saving oil ring was designated as state-level new products;

The state two enterprises, the Electrical and Mechanical Services Department of key enterprises;

Electromechanical Department awarded the security-level enterprises, the state energy conservation enterprises; merger Yizheng Steel Plant.

In 1989

100 series piston ring was rated as the Ministry of Electrical and Mechanical Industry quality products. Provincial Department of Machinery Industry Quality Management Award; archives by the national two certificates; energy conservation enterprises in Jiangsu Province.

In 1988

Jiangsu Province, civilized units; 100 series piston rings were rated as high-quality products in Jiangsu Province.

In 1987

Jiangsu provincial advanced enterprises; piston ring output for the first time leapt to the national industry first. Comrade Cheng Dexing was awarded the National May 1 Labor Medal; merger Yizheng screw factory, leased 51 Yizheng City Internal Combustion Engine Parts Factory.

In 1986

95 series piston rings with international standards, the Ministry of Machinery Industry of Agricultural Machinery Industry Bureau acceptance; Jiangsu Province, civilized units.

In 1985

Provincial Department of Mechanical Industry Quality Management advanced enterprises in the socialist construction in Jiangsu Province People's Government in particular awards.

In 1984

Piston ring for the first time exceeded 10 million.

In 1983

95 series of piston rings were rated as the Ministry of Machinery Industry quality products.

In 1982

95 series of piston rings by the Provincial Economic Commission of Jiangsu Province as quality products.

In 1981

95 series of piston rings in the country ranked second in the line; Comrade Cheng Dexing was named model worker in Jiangsu Province; wear-resistant boron cast iron piston ring R & D by the Ministry of Agriculture Major scientific and technological achievements of the four prize.

In 1980

In the socialist modernization drive by the Jiangsu Provincial People's Government special awards.

In 1979

95 series piston ring quality ranked first in Jiangsu Province.

In 1978

Industrial Daqing mass movement by the first machinery industry recognition.

In 1976

Jiangsu Yizheng Piston Ring Factory was established.