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Application scope
Piston rings are widely used in various power machines, such as Steam engine, diesel engine, gasoline engine, compressor, hydraulic engine, etc., and are widely used in automobiles, trains, ships, yachts, etc. Generally, the piston ring is installed in the groove of the piston, and it forms a chamber with components such as the piston, cylinder liner, and cylinder head to do work.
The piston ring is the core component inside a fuel engine, which, together with the cylinder, piston, cylinder wall, etc., completes the sealing of fuel gas. Common automobile engines are diesel and gasoline engines. Due to their different fuel properties, the piston rings used are also different. The early piston rings were formed by casting, but with the progress of technology, the steel high-power piston rings were born. With the continuous improvement of engine functions and environmental requirements, various advanced surface treatment applications, such as Thermal spraying, electroplating, chromium plating, gas nitriding, physical deposition, Surface coating, zinc manganese series phosphating treatment, etc. greatly improve the function of the piston ring.
The piston ring function includes four functions: sealing, regulating oil (oil control), conducting heat (heat transfer), and guiding (support). Sealing: Refers to sealing the gas, preventing the gas from the combustion chamber from leaking into the crankcase, minimizing the amount of gas leakage, and improving thermal efficiency. Air leakage not only reduces the power of the engine, but also deteriorates the oil, which is the main task of the gas ring; Adjusting the engine oil (oil control): Scrape off excess lubricating oil from the cylinder wall, while also ensuring a thin oil film on the cylinder wall to ensure normal lubrication of the cylinder, piston, and ring. This is the main task of the oil ring. In modern high-speed engines, special attention is paid to the role of piston rings in controlling the oil film; Heat conduction: The heat from the piston is transferred to the cylinder liner through the piston ring, which plays a cooling role. According to reliable data, 70-80% of the heat received by the piston crown in non cooled pistons is dissipated through the piston ring to the cylinder wall, while 30-40% of the heat in cooled pistons is dissipated through the piston ring to the cylinder wall; Support: The piston ring holds the piston in the cylinder, preventing direct contact between the piston and the cylinder wall, ensuring smooth movement of the piston, reducing frictional resistance, and preventing the piston from knocking on the cylinder. The piston of a typical gasoline engine uses two gas rings and one oil ring, while diesel engines typically use two oil rings and one gas ring

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Nitrogen steel drums, twisted conical chrome - plated H - rings
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