Melting team surpasses self and releases passion - Record the quality expansion activity of Yaxinke Double Ring May Fourth Youth Day



In order to enrich the leisure cultural life of young employees, exercise their teamwork ability and fighting spirit, and also establish a communication and exchange platform for young employees in various departments, on May 13th, the Youth League Committee of Asia New Technology Double Ring Company organized a May Fourth Youth Day quality expansion activity for 35 young employees in the production line and department management in Tianle Lake.
At the beginning of the activity, 35 team members were divided into two groups for a game PK. The two groups participated in fun game events such as "Dragons fetching water", "Drumming and bouncing the ball", "Mobile golf", and "Not toppling the forest", with the shorter group winning. The team members are fully engaged and actively involved, afraid to take it lightly, fearing that their mistakes may cause the group to lose points. The team leaders of each group accurately allocate, coordinate and command, and fully play a leading role in the group. The team members fulfilled their respective duties and strictly adjusted their props according to the group leader's command. Finally, with everyone's full cooperation, they successfully completed the morning game competition. Through a series of game activities in the morning, young employees not only experienced the importance of teamwork and obedience to command in all actions, but also warmed up for participating in more exciting and challenging "high difficulty" activities in the afternoon.